Tuesday, November 20

How To Find Subjects To Write About

If you're aiming to write a blog post every day, then sometimes you'll come up against a block - what to write about today? One way of getting useful ideas is by going to Amazon - no you don't need to buy anything at all! Just search the Books section for a general subject area, or you could just look at Bestsellers, New & Future Releases, or simply Browse Genres. Find a book that looks interesting - hopefully, it will have a "Look Inside" feature. Now you can look at the first few pages - and what you want is the Table Of Contents! Here, you have ideas for a whole load of blog posts - just rewrite the titles in your own style to match your blog.

Another option is to simply sign up to other peoples' email lists. Now, you may not want all these extra emails filling up your inbox, but in many systems (e.g. Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc), you can set Filters that will make certain messages bypass your inbox and go straight to a particular folder. So, find blogs and other websites in your general subject area and sign up to their lists, and set your email filters to keep things tidy. You will now receive a bunch of messages every week with interesting titles and content to spark some more ideas for your own writing!

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