Saturday, October 17

Are you marketing in your shorts?

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Lots of people like to be relaxed when marketing at home - some products are actually advertised like that. But, have you considered that how you dress can actually affect your income?

You remember the teacher telling you to “sit up straight”, and maybe you remember the craze for “power dressing” in the 1980s? This is not just a teacher being mean, or people dressing purely for vanity, it does actually change your mind!

Mind and body are closely linked, and most people don’t realise that they can quickly change either one of them very quickly. Try this: just smile for 10 seconds. That’s right - move your mouth and smile; hold it for ten seconds. Doesn’t that make you feel happier? In the same way, if you move your body and sit up straight, you feel more alert, more concentrated.

You clothes also affect how you feel; and how you feel affects how you work and interact with others. The idea of power dressing is rather like putting on a protective shell, so that you feel more comfortable in going out and dealing with others. When you’re more relaxed and confident, then you perform better, and you’ll see improved results.

Now obviously everyone is different, and lots of people will not be bothered to think about this stuff. Many marketers like to project a casual attitude in their photos and videos so that “ordinary” people will relate to them.

So there are two sides to this. One is considering how you personally are affected by how you use your body; are you sitting or standing properly when working? Have you tried “dressing for work” even when no-one will see you? The other point is clearly that if you’re creating photos and videos of yourself, you want to know your target market and what kind of person you think they will relate to.


Jonathan Jenkins.
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