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$1k CPA Cash Cow - Press Release

Press Release - $1k CPA Cash Cow - Released 17th May 2016

This product by Fred Barton has been selling well over the last few days...

"Learn how this former office wage slave...
Who had no idea about the internet, went from the daily
grind to earning in excess of $1,063.91 profit per week
with only 20 minutes of "work" per day..."

$1k CPA Cash Cow

$1k CPA Cash Cow is aimed at "struggling marketers", and helps them to get started earning money quickly. Fred actually says "instantly" - that's pretty quick!

"This is a never-seen-before method that I’m only rolling out to a select number of buyers to begin with via my top, most-trusted affiliate partners. We are handpicking who gets to see this method, because we do not want imitators flooding the market and diluting our brand."

Fred's CPA product is a video course that takes you through the steps that he went through to start earning over $1,000 per week. He reckons it should only need 20 minutes per day in order to reach this level of income.

  • No product required
  • No website required
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No joint ventures required
  • Only 20 minutes per day needed

This course will show you how to get high-quality traffic - targeted people who are ready to buy.
There are 4 simple steps involved:

  1. Locate the traffic source
  2. Choose a high-converting offer
  3. Send free traffic
  4. Get money

All you need is to take action for 20 minutes per day. This could be just the beginning of something very big. The $1k CPA Cash Cow system is easy to scale up, so you can make some life-changing income with it.

Here's a few testimonials:

"Wow! I can’t tell you how amazed I am with the $1K CPA Cash Cow course. I’ve bought lots of shoddy info products in the past and failed to make a single penny. The courses were confusing and poorly put together, but this one is totally different. Fred explains everything in complete detail and most importantly it really works. I’ve made $1350 in my first month of following the course!" - David Baxter, Leeds, England.

"Thank you so much Fred. With the $1K CPA Cash Cow, you’ve put together a fantastic tutorial course. I learned so much from the videos and the amazing amount of free bonuses too. I had had some minor success with other courses I bought in the past, but nothing like this - within the first 2 weeks I am already up over $500. I’m going to continue implementing what you teach and keep increasing my earnings. Thank you again!" - Jennifer Burton, Baltimore, USA.

"The $1K CPA Cash Cow is an absolutely excellent course. I was starting from a very low base, as I didn’t have any prior experience of CPA marketing or using free traffic. I had low expectations as I had failed with poor quality courses in the past. But I was amazed when, after following the modules, I started to see over $180 a day in commissions!” - Janette Martin, Wellington, New Zealand.

Fred has also included three bonuses. There's some live training with a special guest, plus a Facebook group. And there's "a selection of world class products" which are given away in the members' area.

Plenty of stuff to get your teeth into, and this CPA course only costs a few dollars; it's just over 7 USD at the time this was written. Definitely worth looking at for that price,

Best wishes,

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