Wednesday, May 11

Facebook Traffic Hack

Press Release - Facebook Traffic Hack - Launched 28th April, 2016

Recently released, this innovative marketing training product, Facebook Traffic Hack, shows you could make up to $200 per day.

"You Don't Need To Know Everything About Facebook Traffic To Start Making $150-$200 Per Day...
You Need To Know How To Work Smarter, Not Harder."

Facebook is a huge source of traffic, and getting bigger by the second. Recent stats show that about five people join the site every single second of every day. There are currently over 1.3 billion users, and the site is growing by around 14% every year.
Facebook Traffic Hack shows:- 4 different ways of generating free Facebook traffic
- Strategies to get targeted traffic in any niche
- How to pay pennies for high quality traffic
- How to use retargeting - the best conversion boosting method
This course focuses on easy to implement traffic techniques and taking action.

The modules are designed with the end goal in mind – generating massive amounts of laser-targeted visitors to your offers with minimum effort.

Inside you'll see exactly how to apply the strategies in practice, even with limited time and no budget.
There are several bonuses included in the package:
Bonus 1 - A case study - live training
Bonus 2 - Facebook Mastermind access
Bonus 3 - Outsourcing cheatsheet
If you're interested in buying, or promoting this product, then you'll find the details of the sales funnel useful:
$7-$12.95** Front End course at 100% commissions, teaching the core traffic methods (videos + pdf)
$5.95/$6.95 Front End Downsell at 100% commissions, teaching the core traffic method (videos + pdf w/o bonuses)
OTO1 is a $17-$19.95* Advanced Training + 5 DFY Affiliate Marketing Campaigns at 50% commissions
OTO1 Downsell is a $10-12* Advanced Training + 3 DFY Affiliate Marketing Campaigns at 50% commissions
OTO2 is a $30-37* 5 DFY Facebook Campaigns (offers, titles, images, text etc) + a FB Case Study at 50% commissions
OTO2 Downsell is a $23-27* 3 DFY Facebook Campaigns (offers, titles, images, text etc) + a FB Case Study at 50% commissions
**Early Bird – $7 (9am EST – 11:59am EST) – dimesale starts at 12pm EST (max price $12.95)
*OTOs Dimesale – price will be going up by $0.10 with each sale – No Early Bird!

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