Friday, June 10

Tracking Sales On WarriorPlus

I've recently (well, yesterday) been promoting a product that is being sold through I did a bit of simple promotion for an hour or so, and a sale popped up on my screen a bit later in the day. The trouble is, I'd not set up any tracking, so I had no idea where the sale came from, so I don't know which of the 10 or 15 sites I used actually made the sale.

So I just had a quick look on Warrior Plus, and I've found out it is very easy to track your sales. Just add a bit extra on the end of your affiliate link.

Here's the one I was using:

- and here's how to track it:

So, if I wanted to track sales from this page, I could simply put:

Or make it more specific:

So, now I've worked that out, I'll be able to direct my marketing efforts in a more efficient way, and maybe even make more than one sale in a day!



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