What You Should Know Before Getting Started With Power Lead System

What You Should Know Before Getting Started With Power Lead System
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Hey guys what's going on.

It's Paul farmer from PaulGFarmer.com. That's my personal blog where I share what I do and how I'm able to create a full time income online. So definitely if you want to know how to do that, if you want to get free training, if you want to see my progress results go ahead and check that out -PaulGFarmer.com.

Now what I'm gonna be doing today is I'm gonna be doing a Power Lead System review. I'm gonna be telling you what you need to know before you join and I'm gonna do my best to keep this short.

I’ve been with Power Lead System since April 2015 - April 2015, and for the longest time all I did was I use the tools and I used a training in my opinion though I think that speaks volumes about Power Lead System right when you have a program where you just use the tools that you're not really worried about making money with it that's pretty solid right?

So anyway let's get to this, so Power Lead System. Power Lead System is a marketing tools and training platform. It is designed to help business owners get more leads - generate more leads and make more sales that is what it's designed to do. It provides you with capture pages that are done for you, and customizable sales pages that are done for you, and customizable hangout pages that are done for you and customizable.

You get an autoresponder, you get a contact manager and there's many many other types of tools plus there's tons of training. There's training on just everything you can think of when it comes to internet marketing. So it's just a solid resource and they do training - live training everyday. The main ones are a Wednesday and on Thursday. Wednesday they go over how Power Lead System works and how you could actually create 500 to 1000 dollar days.

I just want to talk about the customer side. So as a customer for just $30 a month and what that does is that you can use all the all the capture pages the autoresponder the sales pages pretty much the majority of what Power Lead System has to offer you can use as a customer. The only thing is you're not going to earn from the lucrative compensation plan that Power Lead System has which I'll be going over in just a minute so stay tuned for that. But still as a customer you can still make very good money using this with your team so if you have a team in another program and you're looking for a way to make it a little more simple for them to duplicate your efforts right that's where Power Lead System helps you out because you can create pages that go with your primary business and then you can use what's called a sharing code really easy push of a button you have a sharing code so whenever you go and create you can share that with your team and then as long as they're a Power Lead System member they are going to have access to that page and that page is even customizable you can even customize that page that you created they can go and make a copy and make it their own as well so that that goes with the capture page sales page and the emails alright so that to me is pretty awesome.

Understand that when I'm doing this review obviously it's not going to be a formal review I've been with this program since 2015 so I can't really make an unbiased reviews it's not possible for me to do that because I've been a happy affiliate. You know I've been with this program for a long time but anyway let's get back to it.

So they have pre done emails like for everything you could think of it's already ready to go those are already in there it's just a click of a button. You choose which one you want if you have your own campaign that you set up your own funnel that you set up for your team you put the emails in there it's all part of the funnel it's all part of the sharing code and you just give them the funnel they get people to the funnel. So that's a way to really create duplication in your business really simplify their lives you know. 

There's a contact manager so you can see all your contacts you can see when they're opening things and I mean there's notes you can you can add contacts you can place notes all kinds of different websites like I said all kinds of training on traffic generation online offline. There's email swipe copy there's all kinds of you know “how to” training here, there's social media training this is a great training right here, but you don't get that as a customer you get that as an affiliate so I'll come back to that.

As a customer though you're gonna get training here I believe you get power VIP Club not sure because I'm an affiliate my point is as a customers a lot of value now let's talk about the affiliate side so let's say you have a primary business you have a team and you'd like to earn another stream of income without really doing ants to work so you go ahead you start Power Lead System and you decide to become an affiliate so that's an affiliate you pay $30 plus twenty three ninety seven is fifty three ninety seven a month that unlocks the compensation plan that Power Lead System has. Very lucrative compensation plan I'm gonna show you some proof and results in just a little bit here but that unlocks that so now what you do is you create your funnel for your team create your sales page whatever you want them to use and you go back to your team go hey guys I made this funnel for you and all you need to do is join Power Lead System as a customer or an affiliate whatever you want to do and it's a way for you to get the system I designed. And it's a way for you to earn some extra money as well at the same time so every person that comes into your business you now make $20 residual income at this level plus you make 50 percent matching bonus okay.

So alright kind of covered what you get as a Gold member so I'm gonna move on to the other levels so that we have Gold you get the capture pages autoresponders some of the training the contact manager and a lot of the other bills and whistles here okay but you earned $20 residual income as an affiliate and you make 50% matching bonus on whatever your team produces so whatever they do you make 50% so they go off and make $1,000 at the Gold level you get 500 of that if they go off and make 2,000 you make a thousand obviously that adds up and that's really awesome that's what you call leverage okay all while you're still marketing your other business on autopilot you're still creating an income over here now you got free I'd secrets okay so the this Gold one is the only one that is a residual income it's the only one the rest are one-time payments so we have free add secrets that's $147 I teach you how to do traffic co-ops it pays you $100 over and over and over and over and it will pay you $25 so if your team has this free ad secrets you make $25 when they make a sale at this product level okay so you make $25 when they make a sale if they don't have this though you would get the $100 if you had this product Social Profit Academy okay we're gonna move up and each level each product level is gonna pay you more money more commissions right so this is 497 dollars and that is gonna pay you $400 commission's over and over remember it's a one-time payment you pay 497 and you're done okay and then you get to earn $400 commission's over and over and over again and you make $50 overrides when your team makes a sale at that product level now they don't have it again you earn $400 okay next you get master traffic is - now I forgot to say what's in Social Profit Academy it is a training on Facebook PPC how to use Facebook PC t-shirts how to sell t-shirts and e-commerce okay that's what's in that product very powerful product if you want to learn how to do Facebook PPC they walk you through the process of how to do that how to get targeted traffic that kind of Master Traffic Institute now that is our newest program when I started with Power Lead System we had Gold Diamond Platinum recently they added Master Traffic Institute what master traffic is to is it is an in-house training is training done by some of the top earners in Power Lead System sharing with you what they do to earn what they earn okay quality training on YouTube silver lads see email marketing SMS marketing how funnels work magazine marketing postcard marketing and much much more and and the thing about this product is all blogging and the thing about this product is its ever-growing okay so it's it's not just it's in there it's done there's no more gonna be added to it it's gonna continually be added to over time and this product master traffic is to is 1497 one time one time and it pays you a whopping $1,000 per commission and you get $200 overrides from your team if they have this product they don't have it you make thousand bucks so if they make this the sale and they don't have this then you upgrade you make a thousand dollars okay now the thing is when this kind of thing happens and they missed the sale power elite system is gonna send the email to them going hey you just lost a four hundred dollar commission hey you've just lost $1,000 commission because he weren't upgraded so what happens is people upgrade or after that that's typically what happens alright so that is how that breaks down like I said I've been a product of the product for a good amount of time I was paying when I wasn't making money which I'm gonna show you now I'm gonna show you now so I'm gonna show you where I'm at now and then we're gonna go back in time I'm going to show you where I started so right now today as I see here I meant three hundred twenty dollars it's kind of low for my week to be honest but the week is just getting started started on Sunday this will most likely pick up by the end of the week but that's where I sit right now and as you can see PLS residual income remember it's 53 97 a month is that more than 50 397 a month I would say it is and that numbers gonna grow throughout the week plus 50% match bonus okay so that that's the residual that's why you pay the fifty three ninety seven you use the tools and products and everything but it also adds up over time all right so that's for this week let's go to last week this is what I was paid last week eighteen fifty two fifty all right almost two thousand dollars in a week just one week remember this is this could be an additional stream of income for you I use the training I'm always going to the trains we have trainings Wednesday Thursday that I go to live training I go into the training that's in the back office I use the training to master traffic is to in fact I've been using massive traffic Institute training to teach my son who's 14 how to do internet marketing so absolutely a product of the product and he now has his own blog he's doing his own videos where he's only 14 so he's learning the craft from the training that is in Power Lead System and you know he will be earning well before long okay right now we're focused on providing value learning the ropes that's what we're focused on now not so much about money but he is learning a skills in Power Lead System which I think is phenomenal he's learning how to market online from Power Lead System itself okay so and that makes my life easier I just plug I go watch this training you know and then tell me what you learned that's what I did okay so anyway this was last week again it's a lower week for me it's not my highest week by far but we are in the middle of summer people are on vacation and I hate to say that but it is the truth people are on vacation kids are out of school so the numbers are gonna be a little lower you know people are off doing their thing I'm gonna be going on vacation in August the reason I'm going on vacation is thanks to Power Lead System commissions what I earn from this program I was actually a little purchase of a 7-day Caribbean cruise for my family from their law for my wife from a son and now her brother my wife's brother is going as well so we're gonna have a good time we're gonna a good time and it's thanks to Power Lead System you know I was able to pay for that basically with weeks of earnings a couple weeks of earnings and I was able to paint it for that in full and now you think about it okay so anyway this is really something that can change your life it really is but let me just go with this okay so PLS residual income $690 august that's more than fifty three ninety seven two hundred sixty two fifty obviously that's more 147 that's a little weak for me I've had as high as $1,000 from free ad secrets it just depends you know when people have to sign up great so it's product Avenue $4 and the massive traffic is to there's a $500 payment that was a split payment usually it's a thousand dollars that sometimes people do split payments so you I made half so $500 at equals 1852 let me just go back a little ways and I have not been under a thousand dollars since the beginning this year but let me just go all the way back and show you where I started right all the way back show you where I started $32 okay there you go you see the date September April 12 2015 I am telling you the truth I showed you where I was and where I am now I was using the tools I was in the products I wasn't really marketing it hardly at all hardly at all okay 32 bucks there's a big zero goose egg 126 1026 1814 nothing very exciting I will scroll through this kind of fast but you can see my numbers low below gas money not even every week sometimes like this was from February 6 this one is 6 the 13th the 5th the 12th I know there's some in here where I didn't even get anything for the week like I think this was one the second 20 bucks you know I wasn't really promoting this I was using the products and the tools that's what I was doing I was busy doing other things I wasn't focused on this program I really didn't understand what could have with this program and there was a really big reason why I wasn't earning much and I'm gonna go over that just a second here but first I just want to show you as we scroll through okay so now I'm still in 2016 I'm gonna scroll keep going still through 2017 the numbers still suck right they're still bad and we're just gonna scroll down and I want to show you where it changed for me okay so here we are finally getting to September finally I decided hey you know maybe I have something here I like this product I've been using this program for ever ever using the tools I'll be using the training I designed my own training using the tools so why am I not promoting it why am I not making a full-time income right and I made a decision and you know it was a step into it was a it was a faith step step into faith right when I made this decision because I wasn't making a whole lot of money and I had to put up my credit card but let me show you what happened so I showed you before everything that's going on like the earnings I was making I decided to upgrade to the highest level in the program at that time it was Platinum literally fifty dollars for and thirteen dollars seven and thirty dollars two thousand fifty five dollars within a three-week span I hit two thousand dollars in a week I had never done that in the past I showed you that never done that in a past so what changed what changed why did that happen the main reason that happened is because I decided to go all-in it shifted the way I was thinking I purchased all the products and position myself to make the most money because before I was thinking wow I can make a whopping twenty dollars per sale why am I gonna go put that work in why am I gonna do that it didn't make sense to me so I did do it I didn't take the actions to get ahead I didn't take any action to make a full-time income I didn't do it you know because there's no point to me so this is why I constantly say hey when you do this do this right position yourself to make the most money we're not talking about a high ticket program here this is not thousands of thousands of dollars okay all in at this time was I believe was like $720 all-in below $1,000 is all in Wow you know $2,000 that's a lot more than $700 right so obviously that paid off and it continued you know and then III went down just a little bit you know I had some thousand dollar weeks during this time I was just using the training in Power Lead System I was doing free marketing strategies no paid traffic whatsoever and I was able to do that with free strategies guys free strategies how many people don't believe that so then it kind of fluctuated cuz I was building my team it took about three months to really start making some solid consistent income consistent full-time income and when I started the arrow was at 3400 I've had many 2,000 over $1000 weeks but many 2010 many and I haven't gone below a thousand since speaking of the year I haven't gone below a thousand since the beginning of the year so obviously you can see that this program definitely pays off so let me show you what I'm doing to make this happen and then I'm gonna wrap this up so I use a funnel a funnel because it's the capture page a sales page and email sequence this stuff is already created there are different capture pages that are already created right out the box ready to go you plug-in you follow our fast start training you set up your funnel or we even have the option of setting up for you if you are part of my team we have the option setting up for you for a very nominal charge the point is you get your funnel set up and you start getting traffic to it this is what I do this is how I do it funnel I get people to see this webpage with free and paid traffic they enter their their email address in here and they go to a page that looks like this when we refresh it this is the sales page it is a sales page there are other ones I use this one this one works very well for me it converts very well it has a very nice catchy title beautiful looking page great short little video explains the benefits and what is possible with this program talks about that talks about the tools and also the compensation plan and then there's some bullets at the bottom and they can start a free day seven day trial it's not a free 7 day free trial ok so that's what I do emails go out and and that's it you know I just continually keep doing that getting traffic to my capture page and the system takes over now you might be thinking like wow that sounds great and all but I really don't know how to do any of that well that's the great news ok so I'm gonna wrap this up so it doesn't get any longer let me go back to the front here so for for the team I'm part of we actually have a group it's a free group you can come into the group and we have plenty of free training there's training within Power Lead System this is a great training to get started with but we give you a fast start guide that shows you how to get your funnel set up and how to get going where to get traffic and all that but if you want extra help we have that as well and all you need to do is be Gold and Diamond I recommend this minimum because it's gonna position you make $100 commission's over and over you're also gonna get access to my my Facebook group my private group where I provide all kinds of resources that I use I do live training in that group I answer questions I mean literally if you want to know how I get the results I get if you want to know my routine just get in that group you know Diamond and Gold Golden Diamond and you will know exactly what I do I work with you I you know I that's my baby that's that's that's where I give my all because I want to see people succeed I want to see you succeed that's what I do in that group I can't just give that away for free because there's too much value there alright we also have a blitz group Diamond a Diamond blitz group 90 days where you're gonna go through 90 days of training proximately 90 days of training walking you by the hand showing you exactly what to do how to this business you also get that Golden Diamond okay oh we have other bonuses for other levels but that is where I suggest if you were to come to me and ask me hey Paul where should I start Gold and Diamond minimum because you're gonna get to training you need to be successful okay you can do it on your own of course but why would you want to honestly why would you want to don't cut corners you know follow what the people that I get having success are doing and you well too now I highly recommend if you can do it find a way to do it purchase all the products I always ever go full-time at Platinum so at least get the Platinum 722 they get to that level but honestly if you want to make the most money we make full-time income as fast as possible purchase all the products as soon as possible that's my recommendation okay so I'm gonna wrap it up I'm over twenty minutes already hope you got some value from this I know it's it's not your formal review I know it's it's not unbiased at all in any way I just you know I want to show proof proof progress results proof is in the pudding it's undeniable it absolutely works when you work it and I am here to help you so be sure to subscribe to my channel I do all kinds of videos I'm always providing as much value as I can giving you advice and and helping you you know sharing what my mistakes were so you don't have to make those mistakes so subscribe to my channel be sure to go to leads are flowing calm links right below this video and I look forward to working with you I look forward to helping you reach your goals and with that I'll see you next time.