Wednesday, November 5

Google Wealth Maker Review

The buzz is now out about software called Google Wealth Maker. Now, I know you must be sick and tired of all these gurus who are professing to help you to make loads of money online when they only want you to buy another product whether it is a book or software.

Is Google Wealth Maker one of these fly by night, want you to buy product that you would rather stay away from?

Well, when you are buying a product online to enhance your business, you first want to know:

Who is the creator of this product? Does the person have a good online presence and reputation?
Are there any guarantees to the product? In other words, does the person stand on the product or is this just another sale?

You also want to know who is backing the person. Is the person being endorsed by other reputable and dependable internet marketers online that you know about?

These things are important for me to buy a product. In the case of Google Wealth Maker, Eric Rockefeller is the creator of this product. His name may sound familiar to you, but for me, it wasn’t at first. I had seen his name around the online community, but did not know who he was until I got an email from Mike Merz, who I know quite well.

I have been a member of Mike’s internet marketing forum now for some time. Mike Merz was endorsing Eric’s software and so I knew I had to pay attention.

I did some research and got the scoop on Google Wealth Maker and who Eric Rockefeller was. My next step was to get a hold of this software to seek what all the hoopla was all about. I was able to pull some strings (hard) and got a hold of a sneak preview copy of the software. Apparently, there will be a sleuth of software that he is going to release over the next year or so.

What is the Google Wealth Maker software?

  • It grabs free traffic from the Internet.
  • It uses Twitter to force traffic to your Twitter page.
  • The software will help you to add followers to your twitter account, populate other twitter niches and grab those traffic as well.
  • You will get higher rank in the Search engines especially Google.
  • You are offered a one-week free trial of the software

Every website needs as much traffic to do well in business, but getting targeted niche traffic is the essential part of seeing great success. Of course, the more traffic you can get for your online business the better your business will prosper.

To learn more about Google Wealth Maker and the launch, CLICK HERE.

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