Friday, November 21

The Poor Affiliate's Guide To Overbearing Amounts Of Free Website Traffic

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Let's face it; nobody wants to pay for every single visitor they get to their websites right?

Sure, PPC is a powerful aspect of internet marketing, but also requires a lot of maintenance and higher risks.

However, with free traffic, all you're giving up is your time (presuming you're trying to get it yourself).

But time is not something we have an abundance of, so let's look at how to get plenty of free, targeted traffic to your websites as an!

1. Focusing on a huge market
The first piece of the puzzle is the demand. No matter what you do to promote your website, you'll always struggle if there is simply too little demand inside the marketplace you get involved in.

Don't be afraid to go after the big markets, as clearly there is so much demand going on, you can take a small cut off the side and still make a killing.

2. Articles that focus of huge demand topics
It's no secret that articles are still one of the best ways to drive traffic to any type of website that you desire. However, many people still make the mistake of writing articles that are not targeting the right people for their affiliate offers.

To avoid this, simply do your due diligence when picking out keywords to focus your articles on. Write the entire article around the keyword. The keyword itself must be a keyword that is closely related to the offer you're trying to promote.

For example, don't write an article on aerobic exercises and try to promote tennis shoes. Instead, write an article on a specific tennis training technique and then talk about how a good tennis shoe can help you in your game...THEN lead the visitor to your tennis shoes website.

To get lots of free traffic as an affiliate using articles, you do NOT always have to write hundreds of articles, you just need to write quality articles that people will link to, share and most importantly, click through to your website from!

3. Lots of inbound links

Another key to serious traffic from the search engines and referring websites is inbound links. The more you have the more listings you'll be rewarded with in the various search engines.

Sure, it's not always a quick way to get traffic, but boy is it worth it. Here's what you can do to get started:

- comment on other people's blogs
- submit your site to relevant niche directories
- write more articles
-  write exclusive content for other websites to use with a backlink to your website

4. Jumping into large portal sites

Social networking sites are a haven for traffic, purely due to the large volume of people visiting them each day. Youtube, Digg, Myspace, Facebook, and thousands upon thousands of other sites are teaming with people who are interested in the products you are promoting.

Get over there and start dropping some links, adding content and getting involved. You don't need to devote your life to this, just dip your feet in and get some extra exposure to your website, leveraging the sheer volume of existing traffic on these websites.

These techniques will truly accelerate your online profits, so make sure you take note or bookmark this page so you can reference them when you start getting your hands dirty!

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